Smart city indicators

It is important that the implemented measures in the “smart” category serve to improve the quality of life of residents. Numerous reports are prepared to test the impact of implemented projects. Properly selected indicators and their meticulous analysis make it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the city, and thus indicate gaps and main directions of activities. The consequence of the adopted development policy was the implementation in Lublin of, among others, ISO 37120 standard, which allows for the assessment of the results of activities carried out in the city and the degree of their effectiveness. Its additional advantage – apart from the diagnosis of the city’s development – is a uniform reporting method, adopted all over the world, which enables city benchmarking.

ISO Certificate

ISO 37120 Standard

PN-ISO 37120:2015-03 standard (Sustainable social development: an indicator for urban services and quality of life)

The certificate of compliance with the Polish Standard PN-ISO 37120: 2015-03 Sustainable social development – Indicators of urban services and quality of life is also the first one issued by the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN). The ISO 37120 standard, published in May 2014 by the International Organization for Standardization in Geneva, is designed to support cities in effective management by defining and defining a transparent calculation methodology for 100 indicators defining various aspects of the city’s functioning. At the same time, these indicators have been organized into 17 categories related to issues such as: economy, education, environment, finance, health, safety, transport, recreation, energy. The City of Lublin has obtained a certificate for the compliance of measurement methods with the ISO 37120 Standard for 96 out of 100 indicators. It was possible thanks to the work that lasted several months, which began with a thorough analysis of the methodology described in the standard and the identification of data sources to perform the necessary calculations. This longest stage, completed with the creation of a sustainable development report, was carried out by the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department and would not have been possible without very good cooperation of other organizational units of the Lublin City Office and external entities.

The ISO 37120 certificate brings great benefits to Lublin as a result of a transparent and uniform method of monitoring and reporting the state of the city’s development. It will contribute to increasing the trust of city residents and may increase their involvement in the participation of city management processes. It defines an area related to “smart” cities, which is often abused so far. It allows stakeholders to easily acquire cross-sectional knowledge about the city and the quality of life of its residents. Holding the ISO 37120 certificate will strengthen the city’s credibility among investors, and will also be important in applying for European funds. ISO 37120 also allows data to be compared over time or between cities around the world. In Poland, the standard has so far been implemented by: Gdynia, Gdańsk and Kielce. The certificate for Lublin is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.


Indicators of urban services and quality of life in accordance with the PN-ISO 37120: 2015-03 methodology