Smart City Lublin

The smart city concept in Lublin and the process of increasing the city’s intelligence began with the adoption and implementation of the Lublin Development Strategy for 2013-2020. The strategy laid the foundations for creating your own intelligent city development model. In the City of Lublin, the smart city concept is implemented in line with generation 3.0, in which the inhabitants contribute to the city and have a real impact on decision-making thanks to a participatory management model supported by modern technologies. There is a belief in Lublin that filling the city with sensors and electronics does not automatically endow it with intelligence, which translates directly into an increase in the quality of life of its inhabitants. Intelligent solutions must be designed not so much on a grand scale as wisely and ergonomically. They should take into account the real needs of the community, and engage and educate residents in the design and implementation process. This means resignation from ready-made templates for solutions available on the market designed for a typical user. Lublin’s policy regarding the development of the smart city concept is based on the belief that the urban intellect appears only as a result of an analysis of the needs of residents, the possibility of adapting technology and its real social usefulness.

Smart Lublin is a city that is oriented towards sustainable development through the effective use of technology, but this technology is only supportive. Lublin’s intelligence is also manifested in the mechanisms of its functioning, due to the fact that the processes taking place in the city are managed in an integrated manner with the involvement of all stakeholders.